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In September 1980, I affixed my signature to a small Green Card signing up for a class that would change the course of my life forever. I am still grateful to this day for the class that opened my eyes and gave me a foundation that still anchors my soul today.


To celebrate my 40th anniversary, I’m going to give the kindle version of the book that summarizes my life’s experiences. You may click the Amazon link on the bottom of the book website


The FREE Download days will run from Friday September 11th through Tuesday September 15th.


If you would like a PDF copy, send me a Facebook message.


I am also setting up a fundraiser to help locals who are experiencing a difficult time during this Covid-19 pandemic.


For the past 6 months, I have been asked by dozens of people for help. There is no need to cover the details as I’m sure this is going on in your local community. As a believer, we cannot shut our eyes in avoidance. We are Ambassadors for Christ. You and I have been called to stand in for Christ and help reconcile people to God. Jesus not only spoke words but fed the multitudes and healed the sick.


People love to give, especially when there is a special gift included. I’ve put together an amazing gift of collectible memories below.


Enjoy the collection



Donate Below – I Will Email Your Gift within 24 hours