My Work

Mo is a visionary and programmer. He’s a website designer specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Video Headers and Google Posting Services for local businesses.

His latest development is the first ever WordPress plugin which creates A.I. Audio Bots for your website. This is a proven method to keep visitors on your website long enough to see what you have to offer. An audio bot will guide your visitors through your page. You can add it to your site within a few minutes. Everything is controlled within your admin panel. Send me an instant Facebook message if you have any questions.

See some example pages with A.I. Bots below (Click any image to open in a new window)

My background

Mo attended Florida Institute of Technology and studied Computer Science, Aeronautics and Neuromuscular Therapy.

His clients have included Hollywood celebrities like Bob Hope and Andy Williams, professional athletes like George Blanda and John Brody, the US Ambassador to Belgium Leonard Firestone and Gerald Ford the President of the United States.

In 1981, AT&T developed the first telephone interpretation service. At that time Mo was involved with children at the Missouri school for the deaf. As he saw the frustrations experienced by deaf children, he told himself there had to be a better way. Telephone translation services were never going to improve the way of life for those who were deaf. It was that year that he saw the future of translations services. As data compression technology advanced, he began working with streaming video to provide live instant translation services and in 2009 TranStream Global was conceived.

TranStream is a revolutionary cloud based software program capable of accessing a proprietary database of live linguists able to supply video translation services on demand to any industry in the world. TranStream is the only solution to the growing human dilemma.

Mo’s entrepreneurial vision is about creating a better way of doing something that enriches people’s lives.